Our offerings are designed to meet our customers’ needs, provide data-driven recommendations, build trusted partnerships, and enable effective decision-making by interpreting complex data and communicating it in an understandable way.

Interim Management

We optimize your sales and marketing strategy, increase revenue, and secure long-term success with solutions tailored to your needs.We support you as an interim executive with flexible and result-oriented solutions, bringing fresh perspectives and targeted approaches for smooth business operations.

Strategy development, sales optimization, marketing, customer management, and team leadership

Data Analytics

We are experienced data analysts who can analyze your data, identify patterns and trends, and help you make informed decisions. We collect, process and analyze your data to identify patterns and trends. Our service includes data visualization, statistical analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

You can make data-driven decisions, increase efficiency, create personalized customer experiences, minimize risks, and gain competitive advantages.


Our data-driven consulting philosophy allows us to gain insights into your business data. We optimize your processes, identify growth opportunities and enhance customer retention. Our approach combines data analysis with my 20 years of expertise in supporting management.

Data analysis and visualization, forecasting and trend analysis, customer analysis and segmentation, business process optimization, risk analysis and risk management.

Take the next step and discover the power of your data!

Learn how tailored solutions can drive your success by connecting with an analytics expert.


  • Our approach for data-driven consulting of a company is to provide well-founded recommendations based on data analysis. We assist clients in making data-based decisions while optimizing their performance.
  • The consulting is based on thorough data analysis and tailored automated solutions. We value transparency, clarity and understandable communication.
  • Our goal is to be a trustworthy partner and help clients realize their data-driven potential.


  • Customer focus
    We prioritize on your needs and provide you with the best service.
  • Confidentiality & integrity
    Your data is safe and will be treated confidentially and ethically.
  • Professionalism
    Reliable and high quality work is a matter of course.

Data is like a strong partner - trust it and it will lead you to success.


An expert in business intelligence with 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry

I possess comprehensive knowledge in conducting top-notch analyses in all phases of the product life cycle, covering areas such as business management, sales, and marketing. Examples of my practical experiences include:

Market Research

Primary and secondary market research on markets, target audiences, customer needs, competitors, product developments, pricing, advertising effectiveness, brand image, customer satisfaction, market trends, and forecasts
Commercial Excellence

Sales strategy, customer relationship management, marketing and communication strategy, customer data analysis, sales control and performance measurement, incentive systems, territory structuring, targeting, resource planning, territory alignment, negotiations with works councils
Internal Consulting

Strategic business alignment, portfolio management, product planning, lifecycle management, employee training and coaching

Customer acquisition, needs analysis, negotiation, customer care and relationship management, CRM maintenance and sales analysis, event planning, project management
IT Tools

CRM reporting for sales teams, including training, performance tracking in BI tools


As experts in data analysis, we offer in-depth specialist knowledge and tailored solutions for your individual requirements.


Data Inspector
Annett Fittkau
12105 Berlin, Germany